Niuton Koide, MD, FACC board-certified cardiac electrophysiologist at MountainView Hospital has successfully performed the 1000th cryoballon atrial fibrillation (AFib) ablation procedure today. This minimally invasive procedure is used in the treatment of certain types of AFib to stop unwanted electrical heart rhythms. Individuals with AFib experience an irregular and sometimes rapid heart rhythm that can lead to blood clots in the heart.

This particular catheter ablation technique is performed by a specially trained heart expert called an electrophysiologist. The procedure starts with the electrophysiologist making a small incision in the groin where a tiny catheter is inserted. The physician guides the catheter with the cryoballon up to the left atrium of the heart inflating the balloon with a liquid refrigerant. This results in the surrounding tissue that comes in contact with the balloon to freeze and scar, no longer allowing electrical currents to pass that can cause AFib. Individuals typically feel immediate relief from symptoms shortly after the procedure and are out of the hospital after a one to two-night stay.

Dr. Koide is a leading expert in the community at diagnosing and treating disorders and abnormalities of the heart's electrical system including irregular heartbeats. He is part of the renowned, Las Vegas Heart Associates practice and is currently accepting new patients.